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  • Reducing massage
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Lifting of the derriere
  • Breast lifting treatment
  • Double chin Treatment
  • Moon bath treatment / Sun bath treatment
  • Lymphatic drainage massage
  • Anti cellulite treatment
  • Reaffirming treatment
  • Wine therapy treatment
  • Reflexology
  • Treatment for pregnant women
  • Chocó therapy
  • Treatment of pre and post operation


You figure in the hands of

an sculptor bodies expert


Creator of the "Piñaterapia" and "Technical Hincapié"  to reduce and shape the figure  measures, Gloria Hincapié, who trained in countries like Spain, Italy, United States and Colombia, has its own comprehensive line of products available in yours cosmetic centers  in America and Latin America. A Tea Extract Pineapple diuretic, one Reduction Cream and a slimming supplement called HincaLight, are 100% natural products that Gloria Hincapié has developed, which are very effective to complement the thinning process that Gloria manually done , which also improves circulation and relaxes the body.


How to shape the body

and getting the desired figure


The obsession of Gloria Hincapie has been like mold the body and getting the desired figure, overcome the barrier of overweight and combat cellulite. Universal queens as Alicia Machado, Dayanara Torres and trusted her figure in their hands for massage of this famous Colombian beautician, who created a unique and patented by it, through which it gets down inches while toning specific areas.


To succeed with your treatments is

need to take pills?


All my treatments are completely natural. Create a line of natural products to help the  body eliminate excess fat, and all those toxins that not only makes us fat, but are also harmful to health. My patients recommend you take some of my natural line products such as tea Pineapple Extract, a natural diuretic and allows all the generosity of a fruit with many positive health properties are utilized by the body. Pineapple is also an antioxidant, detoxifies and is a natural fiber supplier. I also recommend taking twice daily HincaLight slimming supplement produced with pure natural ingredients such as nopal and flaxseed, among other ingredients, which helps regulate the digestive system and normalize the metabolism, improving the functioning of the body, facilitating the removing and regenerating the cells calories.


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